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Who is George?

Welcome to SportsByGeorge!

I’m your host, George Darkow.  For three decades, I’ve been celebrating and agonizing over the world of professional sports.  In that time, I’ve manage to see some of the most defining moments in sports history — the “Miracle on Ice”, Buckner, the “tuck rule”, the Chicago Bulls dynasty, Buster Douglas dismantling Iron Mike Tyson, the Bartman incident and countless others — and have had an opinion on each and every one of them.

For starters, I believe Michael Jordan is the greatest professional athlete in the history of sports, when taking into account skill, charisma, marketability and success.  I will never be swayed from this thinking.

I also believe the NBA is a corrupt organization thanks to preferential officiating, and even though Tim Donaghy was caught shaving points, there are many other officials taking donations for making suspect calls.  Anyone who’s watched an NBA Finals in the past 20 years should agree.  Regardless of this corruption, I believe — as the old marketing slogan stated — “NBA action is FANTASTIC!”

I’ve been exponentially disappointed by Major League Baseball over the past decade, while the National Hockey League has remained a favorite of mine, quite possibly due to its underdog nature in the world of professional sports.

Professionally, I’ve written for a bevy of print and online publications, covering the likes of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, University of Oklahoma, Tulsa University, Oklahoma City Barons, Edmonton Oilers, Oklahoma City RedHawks and more.

Once again, welcome to my little portfolio.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at george.darkow@cox.net.