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Manti Te’o: How American culture helped create the biggest hoax in sports history

Michael Jordan is a gambling degenerate.

Walter Payton was a philanderer.

Whether you choose to acknowledge these statements as factual is your own decision.  Of course these are two of the most highly regarded professional athletes in history — both on and off their respective playing surfaces — but the idea of either superstar being fallible is something many sports fans and members of the media simply fail to recognize.

The same can be said about former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o.

For the better part of the 2012 college football season, Te’o played the role of hero to near perfec...

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Peyton Manning: On the verge of greatest comeback ever?

[UPDATE: So much for that…]

Let’s put Peyton Manning’s season into perspective:

First, Manning returned to the NFL after missing an entire season recovering from having his neck basically reconstructed. Choosing to go another direction, Manning’s longtime employer, the Indianapolis Colts, chose to let their two-time MVP quarterback go.

Essentially, Manning entered 2012 with a future that could not have been any more uncertain.

He signed with the Denver Broncos, an outdoor team that had far fewer offensive weapons than Manning enjoyed as a member of the Colts, and has gradually returned to pro...

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Mike McCoy

For Denver’s Mike McCoy, coaching Bears should be an easy decision

Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy has a busy weekend ahead of him.  While his 13-3, top seeded Broncos enjoy a bye week in the AFC Playoffs, McCoy will interview for head coaching positions with the Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears.

Given that McCoy is a top target for the four teams courting him for vacant head coaching positions, the smartest decision for McCoy may actually be the Bears.

In the Bears, McCoy would inherit a team capable of winning right away...

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Ray Lewis to retire from football

I don’t know if there has ever been a scarier player in the NFL than Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.

Sure, there have been the Nitchkes, the Butkuses and the Lamberts over the years, but Lewis has been the modern era’s prototypical linebacker. In Lewis, opposing offenses faced not only a gifted athlete, but a true competitor – in physical, mental and emotional capacities of the game.

There have been outstanding linebackers in the NFL over the past two decades — Brian Urlacher, Patrick Willis and Junior Seau just to name a few — but no other linebacker has truly exemplified the qualiti...

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