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Guns in America: Newtown massacre must be catalyst for change

(Editor’s Note:  Typically only sports are discussed on SportsByGeorge.com.  Given the extreme nature of Friday’s tragedy in Newtown, Conn., commentary is needed from not only myself, but all Americans.  This is my take.)

In the wake of Friday’s horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. our nation is once again reminded of the crisis it has faced for a number of years.  Once again, a random act of violence involving a firearm has left us painfully reeling.

Twenty students walked into the small Connecticut school Friday just as they had done hundreds of times befor...

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Woods and McIlroy

NY Times article speaks volumes on Woods, McIlroy relationship

Karen Crouse’s article in the NY Times is one of the most unusual feature stories published about golf in the past twenty years.  Though it’s little more than a chronicle of the struggle Rory McIlroy faces in deciding which nation he will represent in the 2016 Olympics, there’s somewhat of a cryptic message the piece delivers.

Like a majority of articles focusing on the world of professional golf, Crouse’s article makes reference to Tiger Woods.  Since bursting on the scene in the late ’90s, Woods has been THE face of golf and, unequivocally, the most covered person in the sport...

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Naming your kid after a Bears legend

Yesterday, I wrote this article which was more or less an amusing account on the difficulties of raising a child to love the Chicago sports teams that have been so heart-breaking to me in the past.

The general consensus was that I should remain loyal to my teams and take my new son on this journey, regardless of my primal nature to protect him from anything which may cause him pain...

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payton birth-thumb-223x297-283023

Is it right to raise new Chicago sports fans?

In case you didn’t notice (and odds are you didn’t), I’ve been on a little bit of a hiatus for awhile.  My reason for being away wasn’t some sort of contract dispute or holdout situation.  I wasn’t hospitalized, and I wasn’t backpacking through Europe (or more dangerously, Philadelphia).

The reason for my time away was the birth of my first son.

The days leading up to the birth were filled with preparation for his arrival and, of course, pampering his mother.  Needless to say, both tasks were extremely time-consuming — but more a pleasant than one would expect...

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