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Garrett and Alex Rios

Heisman winner, Texas Rangers step up to support boy’s cancer fight

Published Feb. 17, 2014 on NewsOK.com

Things were becoming normal for the young family of four from Moore.

After being shuffled in and out of hospitals and treatment facilities for much of the past four years, eight-year-old Garrett Grider was finally healthy and able to enjoy activities most children his age take for granted. Evenings of Little League baseball replaced days of intense radiation sessions, and family get-togethers supplanted nauseating hours of chemotherapy.

It seemed like the worst was finally behind the Griders.

And then one day, Garrett woke up with a familiar feeling.

“He ...

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Conference USA Tournament a Slam Dunk for Tulsa

From March 13, 2013 edition of Urban Tulsa Weekly

With the initial tipoff of Wednesday’s Conference USA Championship Tournament opening game, the City of Tulsa began a four-day soiree that will yield an estimated $3 million in local tax revenue.

It’s not something the average citizen thinks all that much about — especially if they’re not too interested in sports — but major sporting events like this week’s tournament are as much about the reputation of their host city and potential city growth as they are about the on-field or on-court action they provide.

While the most memorable moments wi...

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Manti Te’o: How American culture helped create the biggest hoax in sports history

Michael Jordan is a gambling degenerate.

Walter Payton was a philanderer.

Whether you choose to acknowledge these statements as factual is your own decision.  Of course these are two of the most highly regarded professional athletes in history — both on and off their respective playing surfaces — but the idea of either superstar being fallible is something many sports fans and members of the media simply fail to recognize.

The same can be said about former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o.

For the better part of the 2012 college football season, Te’o played the role of hero to near perfec...

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2012 College Football Preview — In this week’s Urban Tulsa Weekly

Now that the 2012 college football season is officially underway, check out my preview in this week’s edition of the Urban Tulsa Weekly.  See what this season has in store for the Oklahoma Sooners, Oklahoma State Cowboys, Tulsa University Golden Hurricane and Arkansas Razorbacks.

Of course, for those of you on house arrest, you can read the article by clicking here.


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