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2013 WNBA Draft and Portraits

Skylar Diggins: Basketball’s Next Big Thing

 Published in Urban Tulsa Weekly, May 2013

Skylar Diggins could be a supermodel.

Actually, she could be a lot of things.

But Saturday she sat behind a small table, flanked by Tulsa Shock team president Steve Swetoha to her right and head coach Gary Kloppenburg to her left, and looked pensive.

It was a hectic couple of days for Diggins.  A final week of classes at the University of Notre Dame ended with bidding farewell to family, friends and the town that helped create the basketball legend she’d become...

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Bulls blown lead a cause for concern

After Monday night’s colossal collapse against the Milwaukee Bucks, the Chicago Bulls look to be in a heap of trouble.  We all knew the theme for this season was “hang around until Derrick Rose returns,” but thus far this season, the Bulls have done little to prove that Rose’s presence can significantly alter this team’s dynamic.

Since the Miami Heat’s magical free-agent signing summer of 2010, it’s been understandably difficult to consider the Bulls as any more than a potential Cinderella story in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.  The Heat have three top-tier stars; the Bulls just one...

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Harden trade introduces new feelings for Oklahomans

Welcome to the world of professional sports, Oklahoma.

Sure, the Thunder has been a fixture in the state for nearly five years now, but last week Oklahoma’s lone major league franchise experienced something few local fans are familiar with: the loss of a beloved player.

The trade of James Harden to the Houston Rockets was nothing short of shocking.  In moving last year’s NBA Sixth Man of the Year, Thunder GM Sam Presti essentially traded the face of the Thunder organization...

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James Harden’s Houston debut strong, but time will tell for OKC

James Harden had a great debut last night for the Houston Rockets.  It’s hard to argue with 37 points and 12 assists.

But let’s not jump to the conclusion that the Oklahoma City Thunder were fools for trading Harden just yet.

What many have failed to realize in giving their knee-jerk assessments of the Thunder-Rockets trade is that Harden has now participated in a grand total of one regular season game since his relocation to Houston...

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